SCUTA Affordable, convenient, secure and fun ride sharing experience for all

SCUTA is a Smart City Urban Transit App that utilizes deluxe 12 seater buses, a machine learning system that generates virtual bus stations in real time to solve Nigeria’s 3 largest road problems; insecurity, inconvenience and the high cost of transportation. SCUTA offers an affordable and fun ride sharing experience for each user by providing a platform where users can order a bus ride easily on our platform, have a virtual bus station immediately generated less than a 5-minute walk from your location, eliminating the daily hurdles of walking more than 30 minutes to the nearest bus station. Our platform offers an agile vehicle occupancy optimization that provides vehicle tracking and passenger information options, this greatly reduces the risk of theft, kidnap and other insecurity problems. SCUTA offers all of these at an affordable flat rate charge based on the distance traveled, no more peak time charges and better ride sharing experience.

Stage Unknown EST June 2017
Sectors Transport and logistics
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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