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ScoringCard SARL M-SCORE ( is a marketplace of knowledge, tools and financial products.

ScoringCard SARL

ScoringCard SARL

SCORINGCARD S.A.S. is a young company recognized as a FinTech by the US State Department and VentureWell and pioneering emerging financial technologies for managing the financial health of individuals and businesses in Burkina Faso and throughout the WAEMU zone. She has the core business of:

– Financial education and financial coaching 

– Productivity rating, credit rating and credit scoring 

– Stock advice and stock market intermediation

– Crowdfunding and Investment

– Islamic microfinance and leasing

– Information and promotion of microcredit and micro insurance

– The development and supply of technologies, means and systems of electronic and digital electronic banking

– The issuance of electronic and digital money

– Mobile Post Services

Our primary challenge being the financial inclusion of 6,200,000 vulnerable people, women and rural youth in Burkina Faso, we have developed M-SCORE (,

Sectors Banking, Blockchain, E-commerce, Fintech, Insurance, Machine learning
Location Avenue Pascal ZAGRE ; BV 30004 cité AN II, Burkina Faso
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