School e-Portal by Trikotec Pvt Ltd Building from scratch software programs that solve real life problems

The e-portal is a web based software application that simplifies the day to day tasks faced by school staff in performing their duties as well as simplifying service delivery to vital school stakeholders i.e parents and suppliers.

School admins, teachers and other staff are usually faced with daunting paper work and tasks to settle on a daily basis. This paper work ranges from student fees data to basic student information and grades. Stakeholders are also faced with inconvenience when they have to call or visit the school for simple information they could’ve gotten without physically going there; information like child’s fees receipt, invoice or exam results .

The e-portal saves time for the schools and for their stakeholders by introducing a convenient web based application that simplifies and automates the daily service delivery by automating some of the major daily tasks and presenting information to stakeholders online and in real time.

Stage Unknown EST April 2016
Sectors Clean technology
Location Zimbabwe
Markets Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe
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