SB-SAPPHIRE Enterprises processing of a locally made brown rice (Ofada Rice)

Nigerians love rice particularly our locally made one’s but a lot of people have hard time picking its stones and dirts which is a major challenge of its numerous lovers. Despite this,every Nigerian still spends a minimum of #100 on rice daily and with our population this means we eat rice with #119 billion weekly.With this,if just 5% of Nigerian population consume our product with #1000 for at least once a week,we predict sales of over #34 billion monthly. This a a win!win!!win!!! business,we must produce this food because Nigerians must eat! I mean we all must eat irrespective of your class.
Penetrating international market is no problem at all because the world eat a lot of rice. As part of fulfilling our social mission, producing just 10tonnes of this rice provides job for 20men and this can feed 20 thousand people.we can do better if fully invested in and for the neutraceutical effects of this rice, someone out there might just stop living on medications.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production
LocationAbeokuta, Nigeria
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