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SaveMoore SaveMoore Is a Savings platform

SaveMoore is a savings solution that enables individuals and SMEs make savings seamlessly without going to the bank.We provide manual to mobile ways of Saving that enables users reserve a part of their profit/ income for business expansion,investment purposes &for moderate projects
SaveMoore provides platform for group savings and cyclic turn of collection of the group savings making project funding an easy reality.

We believe that this business will thrive; we focus on the right market – the SMEs who need such services the most where most of these people do not even have bank accounts.

We know SaveMoore is success, the reactions we have gotten so far from our surveys and feedback points has been vitalising.

We are not just a business but a vision as if the Society mattered.SaveMoore is a phenomenal idea we have for financial inclusions for those in out of site places and moderate to low income earners for a better

Sectors Banking, Financial services, Investment management
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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