Save Enjoy life safely


Our team is diverse, and made up of people coming from different places, but all having at heart to solve an important problem in our context, particularly in the North Ouest part of the country with safety issues:
– Samuel is the manager. Holder of a Master in Finance, he subsequently lived in conflict areas in Cameroon (North, North Ouest), which inspired him to create Save. He has assembled a motivated and dynamic team that manages to produce the best results despite the limited means
– Loïc is the CTO of Save. First a road engineer, he discovered a passion for development, went back to school, and he joined Save following an exchange with a group of developers, where he and Samuel were part. The magic is happening every day now
– Bertrand is the project marketing manager. Holder of a master’s degree in international marketing, he created his own marketing consultancy agency, before joining Save. Samuel and Bertrand are college friends.


  • Samuel Thierry Njock
    Samuel Thierry Njock