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Satea Farm Satea Farm is at the market entry stage and is based on the sound pri

With the raise in food-borne diseases, poultry meat and egg consumers are now conscious of consuming poultry meat and egg raised with hormones and steroids because of the health threat pose by antibiotics strain bacteria and also purchasing day old chicks is becoming challenging to deal with because of the stress of purchasing and brooding. Because of these problems we founded Satea Farm. A poultry farm that is based on the sound principles of organic farming; conserving natural resources, limiting carbon footprint, growing and eliminating the use of antibiotics and steroids in the production of poultry meat and egg. Also, we want to ensure that our customers get there day old chicks without going through stress.
What make our products unique is the total elimination of synthetic drugs in production and we want to ensure our customers never experience any stress while purchasing their chicks

Sectors Animal farming, Crop farming, Fish farming
Location Nigeria
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