Satea Farm Satea Farm is at the market entry stage and is based on the sound pri

Hello, I am Ajiboye Tayo the founder of Satea Farm. In 2017, in my search for the cause of disease in human, I found out that foodborne disease in Nigeria alone 36million people annually. This is why I started Satea Farm, an organic farm that eliminate the use of hormone and steroids in food production.
Satea Farm is into poultry farming. Our poultry meat, egg and birds are free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids, making them healthy for consumption.
Satea Farm is registered with the Nigeria CAC and is using is rented apartment for production and making revenue through is poultry products.
For this reason we are seeking fund to secure our own facilities, expand our business and production, increase our Marketing campaign and operations.

Stage Startup stage EST July 2020
Sectors Animal farming, Crop farming, Fish farming
Location Nigeria
Markets Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo
Customer model B2C
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