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SASA Health Limited. Kenya's affordable virtual and physical medical clinics.

SASA Health Ltd is a social enterprise formed to provide affordable medical care in Kenya. We are an end-to-end Virtual Medical Clinic that enables patients to seek medical consultations via SASAdoctor App video conferencing using a smartphone or Tablet as well as USSD. Patients can receive medical assessment, treatment plans, prescriptions, and requests for lab tests. In addition, we operate a licensed pharmacy and physical clinics in informal class areas; such as Kakamega and Kariobangi. SASAdoctor is proposing to offer Universal Health Care Coverage in Kenya. The partnership would be for program management for universal access for all Kenyans even if they do not contribute to the NHIF. We envision that every Kenyan will be allowed to see a doctor via telemedicine, either from home or at a SASAdoctor/NHIF/government clinic. We envision the opening of SASAdoctor clinics throughout Kenya which will provide accessible, affordable and timely care for a few shillings a month.

Secteurs Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé, Produits pharmaceutiques
Emplacement Nairobi, Kenya
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