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Sana Sana fights mycetoma with antibacterial/fungal lightweight work gear

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Sana Protective Shoe/Gear, the world’s first anti-fungal/antibacterial work shoe effectively fights exposure to Mycetoma and other-like bacterial/fungal diseases. Functionally designed for rural farmers and agricultural communities; the group accounting for the large majority on the population affected by the disease (70+%)
The material properties of the Sana shoe are antifungal and antibacterial. Using a proprietary nano-particle synthesis, Sana neutralizes exposure while farmers conduct day to day activities without harm of contraction. Sana is lightweight, water-resistant, breathable and form-fitting for comfort. The thick-density soles, elastic collar, and front pull tab make it easy to slip on & off, facilitate the farmer’s natural gait, and protect them from harsh surfaces. that cause abrasions. 3D manufacturing allows us to streamline production at very low cost while remaining highly profitable and economically inclusive.

Sectors Agribusiness, Healthcare, Manufacturing
Location Khartoum, Sudan
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