Saluhi Farms Farms will never be the same again - Fresh from "Shamba" Farm.

Saluhi Farm will involve in renting few hectares of land and turn into a high yield crops harvest. As Tanzanian entrepreneur’s venture, Saluhi Farm establishes contacts from village chairman to regional officials making sure communities are aware of our activities. Advanced technology in farming will be used including irrigation, hybrid seeds and fertilisers. Already team up with agriculture experts to guide and advise on this venture. We have secured lands in Morogoro, 12 hectares, and Mkuranga more than 300 hectares. Pilot Project will start in Morogoro, land already inspected, one of the best fertile soil in the region and near the main road. Nearby are all farms, and some for sale, so there is excellent future expansion in the same area. In future, Saluhi Farm will also have a new concept to welcome visitors to the farm for a fee to spend a day – picnic. Facilities will be available.

Stage Unknown EST May 2017
Sectors Agribusiness
Location Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
Markets Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of
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