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Salone Agric Makit Cultivation of rice, corn ,cereals as well as importing and exporting

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Salone Agric Makit is an agricultural company that engages in cultivation of rice, corn, ginger and other food crop. The business engages in importing, exporting, selling, buying (both physical sales and online sales) and transporting of these products both home and abroad.
To ensure the ease of connection of national and international customers of agricultural produce, the company has design a massive online agricultural platform that will connect farmers and potential buyers of their products. The platform will help to expand the market for farmers, create accessibility, increase income, cut down on wastage and spoilage and deter unfair price setting through asymmetrically providing up to date agricultural information via our portal.
The company has high economic of scale advantage, advanced technological platform that has potential to expand market and increase revenue and also wealth of expertise and a growig customer base.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Packaging
LocationFreetown, Sierra Leone
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