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Jitegemee project by Salix Africa Limited will be an online platform modeled in a business ecosystem design, which will facilitate self employment for fresh and young medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing graduates in Kenyan healthcare sector. Graduates with strong entrepreneurial intention shall be actively enrolled into the Jitegemee project. They shall be plugged into a network of service providers to assist in setting up business ventures in the healthcare sector. These shall include suppliers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, working capital providers, medical architects, trainers, IT service providers, lawyers, among others. These engagements inclusive of managerial capability shall be mediated by Salix Africa via the Jitegemee platform. Other SMEs which are less than three years old shall also be eligible for enrollment. The platform will have business intelligence (BI) capabilities to assure attainment of competitiveness by the new enterprises..

SectorsHealthcare providers and services, Medical equipment and supplies, Pharmaceuticals
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