Sahara Sahel Foods Making quality foods from the shrivelled, thorny trees of the Sahel.

We take neglected, forgotten and even stigmatized produce from shriveled, thorny and many-times bitter trees native to the Sahara and the Sahel and turn them into quality foods through creative, but quite low-tech food processing techniques. We do so to create sustainable markets around these foods, making sure they are appreciated again, not only by remote rural populations but also by the urban middle classes, school cantines and even high-end restaurants and hotels. By changing back our food habits to these ancient foods, we channel much needed income to rural smallholders, diversify diets and nutrient intake, and improve their resilience towards climate irregularities. This encourages small-holders to base more of their livelihoods on native, genetically wild trees, protecting and propagating the in the process. Biodiversity improves, desertification is reduced and carbon is sequestered.

Sectors Food production
Location Zinder, Niger
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