SafePay Solutions Ltd (LipaSpot) One Stop Payment Spot

SafePay Solutions Ltd (LipaSpot)

SafePay Solutions Ltd  (LipaSpot)

SafePay was established in 2014 and has capitalised on their combined skills, knowledge and experience to form a full service, scalable, recurring revenue payment technology services business.
The company operates a cash and card retail point of sale network and payment gateway branded LipaSpot in Kenya, with plans to expand to the greater East African community and further afield. This will be complemented by an inbound money, bill payment and eService Voucher remittance service from the UK and Europe.

Building efficient, large-scale digital ecosystems that dramatically reduce the cost of delivering financial and other services has been an important focus of SafePay. We strongly believe and acknowledge that technology is an enabler but also working with a distribution network to deliver financial services to the public. Our strategy also seeks to facilitate interconnection and interoperability by bringing in multiple providers and services onto a single platform

Stage Unknown EST February 2014
Sectors Financial services
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
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