Safe & save Tanzania Safe deposit of waste and keep the environment safe & clean.

To safely deposit off waste in cities in Tanzania and in the process find a way of making use of the waste,create employment and keep the environment clean and safe for the people in the surrounding areas.
We provide a cheap and simply alternative for the deposition of human waste in Ceptic tanks for people in towns and latrines for people in the semi urban areas.We also hope to process this waste in some areas for production of natural mature or bio gas for proposes of domestic use.
We also hope to extent or services to the collection and deposition of waste(Food remains) in hotels and resturants in the cities by separating the remains in different categories and thereafter processing the edible remains for production of animal feeds.

Stage Unknown EST March 2017
Sectors Clean technology, Waste management and recycling
Location Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of
Markets Tanzania, United Republic of
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