Safe Motherhood Alliance Improve the odds of survival of a mother and child at birth

Safe Motherhood Alliance is a social enterprise, established to advance and improve safe births by developing a simple, low-cost, disposable delivery kit for pregnant women in Zambia that will be used during childbirth i.e. we aim to improve the maternal, infant and neonatal mortality rates in Zambia and across various regions. We also design, develop & distribute low-cost, high-tech appropriate diagnostic tools in healthcare by integrating telemedicine & facial recognition A.I technology to diagnose disease either by trained midwives or self-diagnosis by a pregnant mother. A big part of the problem is the lack of access to sterile supplies in rural communities who have a broken healthcare chain thus forcing more home births with traditional birth attendants (TBA) who practice unsafe birthing practices such as severing umbilical cords with rusty blades infecting babies with tetanus, women giving birth on cold floors dirty, wiping themselves with dirty pieces of cloths.

StageGrowth stage EST October 2017
LocationLusaka, Zambia
Customer modelB2C
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