SabiTeach The guaranteed way to find a tutor

SabiTeach is an online tutoring marketplace to help learners connect to trained and vetted tutors with a learning style algorithm that allows a learner search and find a preferred tutor.

2 of 5 students pass promotional exams in Nigeria, academic success rate has reduced from 40% to 20% in the last 10 years. The 2030 UN SDG for quality education requires teacher-student ratio of 1:20, Nigeria’s present teacher-student ratio is 1:60, causing a rising need of quality teachers to meet educational demands. We are solving the problem of this rising need of quality teachers to meet educational demands in Nigeria. Teachers are also seeking to earn more.

The Nigerian education sector which is estimated to be US$40 billion. We intend to get 20% of the market share.

Our service will be monetized by billing learners monthly, for the total hours of tutor-learner engagement. SabiTeach pays tutors 80% of the bill while retaining the remaining 20% as commission.

Stage Startup stage EST July 2018
Sectors Education
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model C2C
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