Rural Spark Modular electrification solutions to share energy. We power your needs

Rural Spark

Rural Spark

Electricity, a universal right!

“There are plenty technologies and bright ideas concerning ‘the energy problem’. It is time to take action and solve this problem”

There are still more than a billion people today who do not have access to electricity. Access to energy is essential for jobs, security, food production or to increase income. The mission of Rural Spark is providing a simple energy solution, by introducing the world’s next energy network! Smartly distributed, viable and sustainable, through entrepreneurship and a unique approach that enables local systems to emerge.

Energy is a basic need for development. Rural Spark’s products are enabling low-income households to access clean electricity for the first time, improving health, education, and opportunity.
Rural Spark’s system converts solar energy to USB and 12V outputs. Surpluses energy gets stored in portable cubes during the day to continue energy supply after sunset or to use as power source throughout the hous

Secteurs Énergie renouvelable
Emplacement Kampala, Ouganda
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