Roypack Enterprises Sustainability guaranteed.

Growing/producer, packer, supplier and export of fresh exotic fruits and vegetables to European countries, Middle East and Asia.

Product profile & Market Summary
––Roypack intends started off by growing horticultural products for exports to the European markets.
––This has prompted the start of a strategic look at the whole operation.
––The current market is 80% Europe, 20% Asia.% Asia.
––We would like to also look for ways of developing local supply of Fruits and Vegetables, including export to african destinations..
––Future market development will be toward volumes increment and value addition in especially mixed packs, value products add value and eventually high care products.
––Our research shall also be based on expanding fruit exports to all markets, and juice processing for local and export market.
––We also intend to be the first major preserved fruits and vegetable exporter in the near future.

Goals & Objectives
••Five–year goals
––To fully stabilize the standard care production in terms of raw material supply, processing and marketing by opening new production sites so as to finally achieve a minimum pack of 30t per week minimum week..
––To retain a highly qualified and motivated team.
––To locate business premises at a private location, considerations also being put on raw material sourcing and proximity to logistics.
––To supply fully certified and safe products to the European Market.
––To diversify to solar and eco–processed fruits and vegetable business within the first five years of operation.

••This business profile is set to provide a overview of current & future operations of Roypack enterprises
••The team is equipped and eager to see the company through the next stages to achieve its mission.
••The professionalism with which the company intends to do its operations shows its willingness to adapt to changes, and the goodwill of the directors to see this happen.
••This is a perfect chance for us to prove ourselves. This company intends to intensify its product control in the field level through a candid quest for food safety and new product development in the next five years (see goals).
Thank you.

Stage Unknown EST January 2014
SectorsAgribusiness, E-commerce, Food and beverage, Import and export, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Wholesale
MarketsEgypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Tunisia, Uganda
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