Rosenics Technologies We develop High-end Robotics and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Rosenics Technologies is a company that leverages advancements in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to solve some of our most challenging societal problems. Our major product is a self-driving shuttle (SELDRISH), which is the first of its kind in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our team is comprised of young, talented and highly motivated individuals currently working with lean resources to develope self-driving technology that does not require a mapping system.

Collaboration is key to getting to the next phase of technology development in Africa, and product development in the magnitude of SELDRISH is challenging in many fronts. Hence we are open to partnerships that will help our goal of giving Africa a strong presence in the global technology marketplace through the implementation of driverless technology.

SectorsArtificial intelligence, ICT, Machine learning
LocationUyo, Nigeria
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