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Roberto Octavio Morales COLIN Democratizing quality film access to new audiences.

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The magic of a movie theater is an experience that very few Mexicans have the privilege of living these days, either because of the high costs of the service that are offered in the big chains, or, they are great the distances that have to be traveled to reach the nearest cinema. Our cinemas offer the latest film releases, we can offer the experience of living and watching a film on screen of 4m x 3m, high luninosity screen, NEC projector of 10,000 lumens and with an audio 5.1 Dolby Stereo, high quality hot popcorn and comfortable armchairs. In Boom Sinemas Temascalcalgo we want you to feel at home, have a service of quality, cleanliness and comfort in our cinema, we have two rooms with 80 seats in total (Room 1, 52 seats and Room 2, 28 seats)

SectorsArts, Film production, Video production
LocationTemascalcingo de José María Velasco, Mexico
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