Riya Honeybee Farm Riya honeybee farm is into raw honey processing and packaging

Riya honeybee farm is a business that is committed to proving her consumer’s with 100 percent unadulterated honey and beeswax. Apiculture (beekeeping)is still an untapped area of Agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large even though honey is highly sought after by many, statistics has shown that Africa has the world’s finest specie of bees and takes only 5percent estimted at 90,000 metric tonnes in the production of honey and still import honey from foreign countries to Cater for the high demand of this product. Nigeria consumes about 40,000Metric tonnes of honey yearly but imports over 85percent of the honey consumed within the country from overseas. By venturing into beekeeping we will not only be increasing our production to meet demands of our consumer’s but also  contribute our own quota to the economy.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise
Emplacement Kaduna, Nigeria
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