Rissa Naturals Luxury skincare products - handmade just for you

Rissa Naturals is a reflection of our passion for living a healthy, organic lifestyle. Creating Rissa Naturals has given us a platform to share this passion with others. We wanted to develop a range of products that delivers the very best in skincare ingredients that are designed to cleanse, nourish and restore the skin. The products represent our healthy/balanced lifestyle, beliefs and love of organics.
In under two years, the business is consistently turning a profit, employing 3 full-time (and 2 part-time) staff and has gained interest from potential product distributors offshore.
We require support to meet the fast-growing demand by revamping the website, improving (and in some cases developing) standardized procedures, developing and implementing a distribution strategy, negotiating international distribution agreements and improving our human capital management processes.

Stage Unknown EST March 2015
SectorsE-commerce, Manufacturing, Specialty retail
LocationKampala, Uganda
MarketsGhana, Mozambique, Uganda
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