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Pollution from plastic is a problem that needs no introduction. Plastic pollution is a threat to life under the water, life on land and even to our climate. Nigeria generates more than 32 million tons of solid waste annually and plastic forms about 23% of this.  

The major cause of this problem is improper waste disposing and its management. Elsewhere globally, waste management is good business where wastes are categorized and packaged according to their characteristics. In this case, more recyclable materials are collected together while others are gathered separately. Where properly managed, recyclable wastes are collected and used in making new materials. This keeps the amount of waste materials in the system in check. We intend to sell these reprocessed plastics to the plastic manufacturers.

We are contributing to the reduction of GHG emission by providing a safe place for the people to live in the following ways;

• Collection of plastic wa

Sectors Environmental services, Furniture, Waste management and recycling
Location Otta, Norway
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