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Retag Fashion resale marketplace to buy/sell pre-owned & new fashion items

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People are always searching for ways of frequent turnover of their wardrobe in a hassle free & trusted way –> especially instagram generation but there aren’t a lot of options[Facebook marketplace, OLX]

Shoppers are always dreaming of buying brands they can’t afford, find something unique, larger selection, save money on shopping

That’s why we created Retag. Retag is a fashion resale marketplace to buy/sell used and new fashion items for Men, Women & Kids.


1- secured transaction for sellers & buyers. No meetups.
2- Save 30%-70% on fashion item prices.
3- Circular fashion future(Raising the average number of times clothing is worn is the most direct way to design out waste and pollution and capture value)
4- Increase online presence of physical boutiques/business sellers.

Secteurs Commerce électronique, Logistique
Emplacement New Cairo, Egypt
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