rentGH property rental made easy

rentGH solves the preeminent residential rental issues in Ghana by pre-financing houses for rent and making them available for monthly rental.
Property rental is one of the biggest challenges most property renters face in Ghana. Salaried workers are left with no other option but to pay two to three years rent in order to successfully rent a place in Ghana.
This situation provides them with only a handful of options which include:
• Save and pay two to three years’ rent
• Borrow from family and friends
This brings us to the conclusion that property renters do not have affordable and efficient means to rent
properties in Ghana.
rentGH provides a solution to this problem by providing a system that pre-finances properties for rent and makes them available for renters to pay monthly. This system benefits both the property owner and the renter as the renter gets access to a convenient and flexible payment system and the property owner also has a dependable income.

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