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RenewablesZA Clean energy for your business and home


Khosi is passionate about green living and sustainability. Her interest in the environment extends beyond economics but a genuine calling to which she has dedicated her life. Having been naturally attracted to environmental matters since 2011. She became Climate Change Activist. She later founded RenewablesZA a company that manufactures renewable heating fuel for commercial process from biomass waste, They collect sawdust and biomass residues to produce wood pellets. The Pellets are then distributed to local end users who want to switch to renewable and low carbon emitting combustion fuels for their industrial processes. Khosi believes that her Innovation will impact the South African economy favourably as the country heavily relies on coal (fossil fuel) for its primary energy. The high levels of air pollution increase the cost of conducting business in South Africa and her targeted customers are currently exceeding Air Quality Standards and whilst having to pay heavy penalties to loc