Renewable Black Limited We are into recycling and manufacturing of sustainable products/energy

RENEWABLE black limited (LC), is a new start-up company whose aim is to provide services into the manufacturing and extraction of Carbon black and Pyro oil, through the conversion of solid waste.
Our processes aim to find efficient and alternative fuel in line with economic standards, thus improving our climate and current ecosystem by sustainability & circular economy. The final products will be sold to businesses in all industries such as tyre manufacturing industries, electronic cable companies and ceramic factories and countless others to create renewable products for their customers. The potential in this business is unlike any there is a great development in world towards sustainability and circular economy. This business creates room for the rise of other industry and bringing about a boost in our economy by also attracting international automotive companies to invest in Nigeria and other African countries as we expand.

Sectores Automoción, Tecnología y energía limpias, Gestión y reciclado de residuos
Ubicación Lagos, Nigeria
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