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Rejuvenate! Umhlaba Restoring Ecosystems to Health

Sub-Saharan Africa can potentially feed the world but is failing to feed itself. One of the reasons is vast tracts of land are degraded and not as productive as they should be. The result is poor food production leading to expansion into forests in an effort to compensate for low yields. This causes more degradation in addition to famine, conflict and displacement as people search for the greener pastures. At Rejuvenate Umhlaba we’re starting an exchange for land restoration. Our target clients are companies that have a net negative impact on the land. These companies will buy a share which entitles them to take credit for 1 hectare of land restored by us.
As a result of our interventions which include tree planting and protecting soil and water sources, local communities increase their yield from less than 1 to 4 tonnes of maize per hectare and improve their livelihoods. There is less expansion into forests and companies continue to operate but with reduced footprint on the land.

Sectors Agribusiness, Environmental services
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
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