RecyclePoints Creating value from everyday waste



RecyclePoints is a waste recycling and social benefit venture that operates an incentive-based scheme which collects recyclable materials from post consumers and in turn rewards them with “Points” which they can accumulate and use to redeem/shop for household items offered through our iRecycle store.

We operate a door to door collection of the following Recyclable items. Pure Water Sachets (PWS), PET Plastic Bottles (PET), Used Beverage Cans (UBC), Glass bottles (GBS), Old Newspapers (ONP) and Brown Corrugated Cartons (BCC).

Items collected from recyclers are counted and equivalent Points are allocated based on a Points Earning Chart where quantity of items are equated to the amount of points earned.

Stage Unknown EST January 2015
Sectors Internet, Waste management and recycling
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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