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RecycleGarb Hub Ltd A social enterprise for Waste Recycling,Consultancy and Education.

There has been a behavioral pattern which is still same,as regards to waste. Waste as we know, is detrimental to our planet and health but also equivalent to giving value by helping to reduce Energy Consumption, Economic Growth, Sustainance in natural resources and job creation. We offer more than just profit based but also a specially committed team for a Social Impact work through out the city of Ibadan,Oyo-State and Nigeria, a step at a time.
Ibadan been the largest city and 3rd most populated in West Africa, generates 10million tons of waste annually, we collect common waste around the city through different channels and supply to our trade partners for a sustained recycled product.
We have huge potential and been gaining traction cause the city is a virgin market for our business model. Our incentive program is one of a kind that will outlast our competitor from other States and produce incentive for every subscriber and referral in Oyo-State.

SectorsWaste management and recycling
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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