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Akinyemi- Board member Chandy Loos Foundation. Certified Scrum master. Spent the last 6 years Managing projects and working with local and international NGOs reaching out to undeserved and marginalized populations in rural Nigeria.

Babatunde-Founder of Cynergy Technologies. Spent the last 11 years building different software solutions for companies at different levels. He is also a certified scrum master.

Ayobami-Founder Nerdbevy Limited. Spent the last 10 years working with different technological talents. He has built several technological infrastructures for different companies in the past.

Chiorlu- Founder OhhVFX. Spent the last 5 years working in marketing and brand development at various levels. He is a trained architect with a deep understanding of branding, design, and marketing.

Cynthia-Spent the last 6 years working as the global programs’ lead for one of our competitors. She is a certified programs manager.