RAINBOW 3D INK-PRINTS Production and design of T-shirts and other casual wears

Hi! My name is Mafindi Mustapha Hussaini, I have started a company called RAINBOW 3D INK-PRINTS which is a T-shirts productions and other wearable company. It is also involved in the customization of T-shirts, mugs, plates and caps. The product is designed and tailored towards targeting youths and students for their events and programs.
Our market survey and analysis shows the untapped market of T-shirt production and customization in the area. So we decided to tap into that market and venture into it.
The company aims to accomplish fastest and most accurate product order completion, precise and professional design and production, and ensure good customer service. We will establish strict working and financial regulations to ensure we achieve our goals.
Students and youths find it difficult to access companies at closer proximity with them for the production of customized shirts for their events viz; graduation, birthday parties, weddings and other related events.