Rada Shoes Limited Every child with a pair of Rada shoes by 2021

In rural Uganda, children walk a daily average of 6.5km to school, barefooted braving extreme coldness and hot afternoon and are exposed to injuries, and diseases. They end up missing school, 43% lose interest and 44% drop out before P.7. Only 22.3% of school primary children (out of 8.7 million children) wear some form of footwear, and 96% of shoes is are imported, plastic, growth stunting shoes.
We efficiently manufacture natural Ugandan leather, light weight and comfortable shoes using local materials. Our shoes are anti- bacterial, can stretch and allow air exchange, thus comfort and confidence. We use elastic instead of laces for ease of young ones.
Sold through a mobile Instalment Payment system, our prices have dropped to Ugx35,000 in 3 years and we target Ugx30,000 (USD8) compared to Ugx50,000 (USD14) competitor price. We employ 34 youth (anticipated, 75) directly employed. We aim for 2,000 pairs (650,000 pairs annually), at a unit profit of Ugx5000 (USD1.6)

StageGrowth stage EST August 2017
LocationBweyogerere, Uganda
Customer modelB2C
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