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Over 55% of fresh fruits and vegetables produced in 2016 perished before reaching the final consumers. Why? 1. There are no adequate storage systems and small-scale farmers do not have the capacity to handle this. 2. Farmers are often at the mercy of middlemen and buyers. Farmers will be forced to sell at lower prices because if they do not, their produce will be spoiled. A large number of Nigeria eat unhealthy and unhygienic fruits because that is the only available option, I mean, look at our fruit markets. My business aims at reducing the wasted fruits and promoting healthy eating by buying fresh fruits directly from farmers, effectively storing them, and processing them to still sell during off peak seasons. Put in perspective, this is like a Walmart for fresh and hygienic fruits and vegetables when in season, and fresh and hygienic “processed” fruits and vegetables when out of season. Product offering includes rabbits, snail, sea food, chips, vegetable mixes, and fruit drinks.

Stage Unknown EST January 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage, Waste management and recycling
Location Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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