QuoMotion Everyone. Invest. In Everyone.

The idea behind QuoMotion is to leverage the power of social media and transform it into something much more powerful. With QuoMotion, entrepreneurs can take advantage of any other member’s network of contacts to potentially find an investor in their project. Gone are the days where you spend your most valuable resources to meet your investors, QuoMotion allows you to find hundreds of investors, instantly, from the comfort of your bed.

This is how QuoMotion Works:

We have Entrepreneurs and Investors. Currently, the entrepreneurs have to put forward loads of work in hopes of reaching an investor. QuoMotion introduces the middle-man; Venture Broker. If we were to look it this as a sport, the Entrepreneur is the player and the Investor the professional team. The Venture Broker is the player’s agent. 

The VB is constantly seeking opportunities on the QuoMotion wall and leveraging their contacts to seek funding, be it social media friends, family, extended family or just people they know in general. 

The average person has 388 friends on Facebook and 930 connections on LinkedIn. We allow entrepreneurs to contract up to 10 venture brokers at once, giving their project an immediate audience of over 10,000 people and what more, have their project pitched for them while they are able to focus their efforts on fine tuning the last details.

With QuoMotion, anyone can become a Venture Broker or an investor. QuoMotion. Everyone. Invest. In Everyone.