QuickHelp Meet the #1 SMS based business location and directory service

Meet the #1 SMS based business location and directory service in Africa! QuickHelp is a mobile contact service that serves as an accredited source for accessing contact information of much needed help on demand. It was also enabled to provide on-demand filtered and smart information, as against the use of cumbersome directories or search engines.

Birthed out of an urgent need for a plumbing service, QuickHelp was initiated in the year 2014 and further developed through February, 2015 with a vision of creating a platform where technology truly supports and promotes individual and entrepreneurial efficiency at any level of engagement. Never again will the need to be connected or to have access to various professionals or entrepreneurial services at a needed time be a problem with QuickHelp.

QuickHelp is a catalyst for economic activities by empowering entrepreneurship. It operates like a personal assistant whose main goal is to direct and connect customers to services seamlessly in t

Stage Unknown EST February 2015
Sectors E-commerce, Internet, Mobile
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa
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