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QuickCheck One-stop-platform for all your financial needs in Africa

QuickCheck is a one-stop-platform with the mission of providing financial services to underserved consumers and micro-entrepreneurs in Africa.

Using Machine Learning, we built an intelligent product that expands on digital lending’s core expertise developed in the past three years. QuickCheck enables our customers to have easy access to payments, investments, savings, debit/credit cards, cash back rewards, and a marketplace to buy high-value items, directly from their smartphone app.

In 2019, we started collaborating with large corporates, for example, we are the company behind the loan products from in Jumia Pay.

Earlier this year, we started working with one of the major MNOs in Nigeria and the largest manufatorer of smartphones in Africa to deliver an innovative phone financing (buy now/pay later) that will soon be available across the country.

Stage Growth stage EST January 2017
Sectors Artificial intelligence, Fintech
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B2C, B2C
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