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Quick Errands

Quick Errands

We create a happy society where everyone enjoys convenience and a simplified lifestyle through a reliable and trusted on-demand service based online market platform that helps people save time, (reduce stress and minimize risk),  by allowing them to delegate or outsource tasks such as, errands, pick-up & deliveries, plus other numerous daily obligations and personalized services that takes much of their time, money and energy, to qualified professionals.

Our business idea seeks to address the fundamental transformation of how the modern-day world works in Africa and how Time is being levered by using technology to create time management solutions that allow people to live a smart and productive lifestyle by outsourcing “time-wasting” engagements like errands, pick up and deliveries to qualified an trusted service provider(s) at a click.

This project ensures increased engagement of citizens in creating job opportunities in Africa and beyond, as we are already targeting more than 50,000 service providers on our platform in the next 24 months.

At Quick Errands CSL, we are revolutionalizing everyday work activity by providing our busy clients with a quick, easy, reliable, trusted and safe way to get tasks done (both at home and in the office), so they can focus on things they really love.

Stage Unknown EST January 2015
Sectors Diversified services, Transport and logistics
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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