Quadri Invention Ltd.

Quadri Invention Limited manufacture quality hamper/laundry bags of different model and sizes. We will sell our products directly to wholesaler, retailer, corporate bodies and final consumers at a reasonable price.
The demand trend for our top range quality and innovative laundry bag in Nigeria will be accepted by our target consumer with a foreseeable increasing demand as a result of economic improvement over the year’s base on foreign investment and privatisation process of Nigerian Government which created employment opportunities and economic growth in Nigeria.
Anticipated demand trend for our product is huge and feasible base on market survey conducted on our products usefulness and price.
Bag n’Bin is a unique ultra-sleek design bag that snaps and collapse completely into smaller size shape perfectly. This makes it more handy to carry around and easily kept away not in used. It is an extremely robust bag that can contain more clothes conveniently at once and maintain uprigh

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