Prozacts Enterprise Responsible food healthy living

Our research and open data source shows a huge gap in animal feed alternative, greentech and responsible food consumption.

We are solving the problem of lack of proper knowledge based information (edtech, foodtech and technical support/Soft Skill) to enhance food sufficiency, food safety, reduction in postharvest losses in poultry and livestock farming

Describing this as precisely as possible. The technologies we are going to use. Making sure our solution matches the problem through open learning data sharing and developing an app for young startups and pre-existing poultry and livestock farmers to get adequate information, resources and knowledge to carry out their daily and monthly farm activities so as to boost their farm yield, promote responsible food consumption, create an app to carter for their agribusiness activities agri-technology to fast
their ROI, boost quality farm yield, reduce postharvest losses and outreach to their customers /endusers.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Agritech, Agriculture animale, Gestion et recyclage des déchets
Emplacement Nigeria
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