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Proyecto Tux. Cocina Gourmet de Origen The science of indigenous women in the spaces of oppression/resist

An authentic, objective and systematic cultural immersion through a gastronomic experience of the indigenous peoples. A tasting of pre-Hispanic and pre-industrial indigenous food, at the same time as an approach to the science of women through the reproduction of life, in their creations, experiments and knowledge from the spaces of oppression/resistance, the kitchen … The flavors, textures and aromas of the dishes we serve are made up of 95% vegan ingredients, and inspired by the collection of recipes with elderly women in their 90s. The experience we offer is intended to be a gastronomic reference at the local, national and international level. Our business model is an endogenous model of development, in which 55% of the price of the tasting is distributed among the women who market in the local market, the surpluses of their family gardens, native seeds and crepots that dispense with their cultivation of pesticides and fertilizers.

SectorsCrop farming
LocationChichicastenango, Guatemala
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