Provident AGRO Allied Resources LTD IT involves modern integrated Agro allied farming/processing

I am into the business of cultivation of algae, other cash and food crops, animal husbandary of bee keeping, piggery and aqua-culture business. In my one hectare of land that is eight plots. I cultivates algae plants that can be able to produce up to 132085 litres of algae bio diesel, I do also have up to two hectares of other cash and food crops farm. Bees, as you may be aware are the most effective pollination of all insects, thus, bees colonies when located within agricultural crops, especially orchards, increase productivities several folds. I employ 500 bee colonies (hives) in my crop farms to improve productivity. I have up to 500 colonies of beehives in my bee keeping farm. I have a piggery that produces swine dung that I uses for generating the algae. Thus, I also have a fish farm that uses the algae as fish feed. I also use the swine dung as an organic fertilizer in my farms and also use some in my bio gas digester, to produce bio gas.

Sectores Agroindustria, Agricultura animal, Cultivos agrícolas
Ubicación Oji River, Nigeria
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