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ProTeen Transforming Africa's Organic Waste Into Sustainable Feed&Fertilizer

ProTeen is based in Uganda, and will expand to cover the rapidly-growing markets of animal feed and waste-management in East Africa. We have proven traction on the ground, a highly-scalable business model, and are seeking 250k to expand our operations and fulfill our ever-growing purchase orders.

✓ Innovative & Scalable Solution: ProTeen uses a natural resource, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, to process organic waste into sustainable and high-quality animal feed that can be fed to fish, pigs and chickens. ProTeen feed is 10-23% more cost-efficient than alternatives on the market, making farming more profitable throughout Africa. ProTeen scales by repurposing idle warehouses and distributing insect production kits to youth.

✓ Market-Driven: Farmers in Africa urgently need new sources of animal feed. Due to overfishing, fishmeal in East Africa is permanently scarce and overpriced. This forces many farmers out of business since 70% of their cost of rearing chicken is in their cost

Sectors Agribusiness, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Rubaga, Uganda
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