PROJECT LURAC (Light-Up Rural Communities) Let's light up lives in rural areas

We are a renewable energy company, passionate about powering rural communities and enhancing last mile livelihood using solar energy solutions/products. We have a project attached in the pitch video section where we powered a village that has existed for over a century without light using solar energy. The children can now read at night and agro-processing activities has also increased.We have products that cater for farmers through solar irrigation and deliver clean drinking water via our unique Solar water pumps. We also have products for SME’s as we believe they are an effective catalyst to inclusive economic growth. Our first shot at this sector was through development of our “Solar Salon Lighting System”, specifically for barbers who spends fortune out of their income on petrol generator – our product ensures 70% reduction in expenses leading to more profit. Our SPLS series powers pharmaceutical stores for rural health care. We want to do more and eradicate energy poverty in Nige