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Procesadora de pescado Kay, SC de RL de CV Full use of the plecostomus, job creation

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We make full use of an invasive exotic species (Pterygoplichtys spp) that causes serious social, economic and environmental problems in freshwater fishing areas. The meat has a high nutritional value similar to salmon and all the “waste” is used to produce other products: flour, composta, bio-fuel, tanned skins for crafts and even it is looking to use the skin as bandage in human and animal burns. The devil fish is present in 22 states of Mexico and it is up to now a serious problem to displace native species, break nets, muddy waters and be abandoned in the rivers because they have no commercial value. It would be an important source of quality, low-priced protein in underserved communities and a great opportunity to create sources of employment and higher incomes for freshwater fishermen.

SectorsFish farming
LocationTuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico
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