Pro-Conut Ghana Ltd We are changing how you drink coconut water

Pro-Conut Ghana Ltd is a Ghanaian startup that is changing how Ghanaians access and drink coconut water. We are working on a number of coconut products, with the biggest opportunity in the short and medium term identified to be an incredibly attractive, export-oriented product called the Kube Pure. We are in at the right time: Coconut water products are booming across the world. Existing brands have heavily advertised the benefits and the market adoption is growing. Yet, a product like the Kube Pure still does not exist on the market. It’s a drink + snack with a persuasive promise of an unadulterated, natural product. It is therefore unique and should be perfect for exactly the consumers that have massively adopted coconut water in recent years: Young, health- and socially-conscious, urban populations, predominantly, female. Thanks to low production costs and thusly limited marketing expenses, profit potential is huge, as we can hope for about 35% EBIT margin on ~30M€ sales by Year 5

Stage Unknown EST October 2016
SectorsAgribusiness, Food and beverage
Location Greater Accra Region, Ghana
MarketsGhana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa
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