Primary Health Vision Care A healthcare Mobile Technology specialty eye care social enterprise

Primary Health Vision Care & PHG Innovates , is a public healthcare social innovation enterprise, that focusses on project solutions that targets the Rural/ Urban population( specialty eye), digital heathcare communication public/ community health promotion in Ghana/ Africa. The Micro Eye health project tackles the Global eye care condition of which about 285 million people are visually impaired, of which 38 million people are blind. 90% of these conditions are in developing nations mainly of Africa ( Ghana), and these worsens in the rural / peri urban districts communities. According to the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness, 80% of these Conditions are preventable if people have access to quality, affordable and socially sustainable care services and products. Thus we have vision of bridging this gap by sending these services and products through partnership( for integration), mobile clinic outreach services, model specialty community clinic, and mobile digital platform technological services, high potential of reaching the about 70% of the population who lack these services and have to travel long distances and book appointments for weeks in the cities. We are self supporting and hoping to scale to a number of districts/nationwide, from the current 4 , through digital mobile app, phgglobal.