Price Discovery Kenya

Kenya is forefront in internet connectivity there is need to harness power of purchase,Price discovery Kenya is a robust platform which is aiming to disrupt way major institutions like superstores,education and health sector charges goods and services.Most of the time we do not have time to move from point a to b to compare prices but with our application anyone will be able to know who has the cheapest deals.We will be gathering price information through our secret foot agents.Targeting specific consumer brands and services.This service enables one to save by making the right decisions.Our Graph analysis will expand in research of consumer Behaviour this is vital for brands manufactures in decision making.Our in-depth tool therefore can be used for research analytic purposes.

Sectores Agroindustria, Banca, Comercio electrónico, Servicios financieros, Alimentos y bebidas, Sanidad, Importación y exportación, Seguros, Internet, Fabricación, Telecomunicaciones, Servicios públicos
Ubicación Nairobi, Kenia
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